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Airzone Giai Air Purifier helps to prevent and stop cross contamination Covid, TB & flu viruses airborne pathogens.

Airzone Giai, a 3-in-1 solution to indoor air quality and surface disinfection that uses a HEPA filter to trap and store dust, bacteria and viral particles larger than 0.001 microns.

The Airzone Giai is also equipped with an Ioniser which charges any remaining particulate matter causing it to stick to surfaces and thus is removed from the air.

The third and crucial feature is the timed Ozone release which creates a sanitizing concentration of Ozone while the area is temporarily clear of persons.

The Airzone Giai is able to effectively manage an area of 80sqm.

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  •  Hepa filtration and negative ion and optional ozone function for sanitising when vacant
  • Highly efficient filtrate net for filtering dust, hair


Model: Airzone Giai

  • Voltage: 229V/50Hz
  • Area: 80m
  • 500mg/h
  • Timed: Power off1,2,4,8 hr
  • Power cable: 2.3m
  • Dimensions: 420x310x121mm
  • Unit weight: 3.34kg
  • Colour: white
  • 12 month warranty against factory defects

Additional Information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 47 × 16 × 36 cm


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